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Lucky Bears Encyclopaedia provides information about various teddy bear manufacturers, the bears they produced and their identity traits.

This section is not yet complete ..... in fact opportunities for expansion are almost endless so we would welcome your feedback on the information provided so far and what you would like included.

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General Information:

  Teddy Bear Care French Teddy Bear Manufacturers:
  Glossary   M Pintel Fils
  How much is MY antique teddy bear worth?  

American Teddy Bear Manufacturers:

German Teddy Bear Manufacturers:
  Ideal   Bing
  Knickerbocker   Clemens

English Teddy Bear Manufacturers:

  Chad Valley   Schuco
  Chiltern   Steiff
  Deans   Strunz
  Farnell Irish Teddy Bear Manufacturers:
  House of Nisbet   Erris/Tara Toys
  Peacock New Zealand Teddy Bear Manufacturers:
  Pedigree   Robin Rive
  Wendy Boston  


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