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House of Nisbet

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Company History

Date Event
Peggy Nisbet Limited was founded, by the owner Peggy Nisbet, in Weston-Super-Mare, England. Peggy specialised in making dolls.
1975 Jack Wilson's Canadian Investment Company acquired control of Peggy Nisbet Ltd. Jack Wilson became Chairman.
1976 The name was changed to House of Nisbet Ltd and the first range of teddy bears was introduced. They were designed by Alison Nisbet (Peggy's daughter). Based in Winscombe, Avon, England.
1979 The Bully series of books and then the bears were produced
1986 10th Anniversary of House of Nisbet celebrated with two limited edition teddy bears
1987 Jack Wilson helped invent a process to produce distressed mohair using an old velvet crushing machine
1989 Dakin acquired shares. David Potter, from Dakin, became new Managing Director. Jack Wilson, now living in Florida USA, became director and honorary Chairman.


House of Nisbet Teddy Bears

House of Nisbet bears are becoming collectable and we have received a number of enquiries regarding their teddy bears - hence this entry in our encyclopaedia.

House of Nisbet produced a range of traditional golden teddy bears, called the Childhood Classics range, which were designed by Alison Nisbet. The company is also known for it's limited edition bears the most famous being Delicatessen (known to many as Aloysius after his role in the BBC's Brideshead Revisited series), a replica produced in 1987 to celebrate the 80th birthday of Peter Bull's original 1907 Delicatessen bear. Delicatessen was made from the distressed mohair that the company had invented, had fake patches to his fur and wore a check scarf

The company is also known for it's range of Bully bears: there was Young Bully, Bully Minor, Captain Bully, Harrods Bully, Tribute Bully (made just after Peter Bull died) and Woolly Bully.

House of Nisbet Teddy Bear Identification

  • In 1980's an embroidered label was stitched on the left foot pad. It is white with two gold teddies embroidered, they appear to hold a shield bearing the letters "NCC" for Nisbet Childhood Classics, between them
  • A printed label, with a white background and that same emblem, is stitched into the left side seam
  • Limited Edition bears carry a card swing tag, bearing the company emblem, on their wrist
  • Bully bears were based on Delicatessen so have antique features i.e. humped back, protruding muzzle and long limbs



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