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Robin Rive / Countrylife

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Company History

Date Event
Robin began her business career as a dress designer. With much material "wastage" available for use and four young children her mind turned to soft toys and she started her own cottage industry called Robbity Bob.
late 1980's Following a trip to Europe Robin was inspired to produce her first teddy bears

Brigitte, Robin's youngest daugher, in charge of European sales and marketing

2002 Robin Rive Collectors' Club launched
2008 Robin Rive ceases manufacturing bears. Daughter, Brigette, continues with the gollies under the brand "Brigette Rive"
Robin Rive
Robin Rive (on the left)


Robin Rive Toys

Robin Rive's Ziggolino

New Zealand is not renowned for teddy bear manufacturers - we specialise in antique bears but cannot offer any old bears from New Zealand. However, we must mention Robin Rive in our encyclopaedia. Robin's quality, handmade bears could prove her motto "a friend today, an heirloom tomorrow" correct. Her bears, gollies, pandas and other toys are now exported to 19 countries, nearly all are limited editions designed for collectors.

During the last four or five years Robin has won numerous Toby and Golden Teddy Awards for President "Teddy" Roosevelt, Big Butter, Chanel in her elegant black Chanel jacket, Churchill, Humpty McMahon, Hiking Charlie, Ping Pong the panda, Yorkshire Lad, Mitchom and Dax.

Nelson Elsie & Elias William Shakepeare
Robin Rive's Horation Nelson Robin Rive's Elsie & Elias gollies Robin Rive's William Shakespeare


Robin Rive Toy Identification

Robin Rive bears can be recognised by Robin's distinctive signature featured on the right foot pad. Some early bears, which were not part of a limited edition, may be signed on the left foot pad.

Bears have a black label sewn into the back seam. The label reads "Robin Rive" on one side and "Countrylife / NEW ZEALAND / ALL NEW / MATERIALS / MADE IN / NEW ZEALAND".

Swing tags are attached to bears, inviting collectors to register their bear. Limited edition bears also have another leather tag indicating the bears name and number.



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