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Company History

Date Event
Founded, by the owner Wilhelm Strauss, in Allersberg and Nuremberg, Germany as Wilhelm Strunz Felt Toy Co.
1904 First Strunz teddy bears produced
1908 After legal disputes with Steiff re the use of labels and buttons in the ear Strunz was authorised to staple a paper label in ear

As no post war products have been found it is believed the company did not survive beyond World War I


Strunz Teddy Bears

Willhelm Strunz began by making various felt toys - as the company name suggests. Based on patent numbers it would appear the company first began producing teddy bears in 1904, some of the earliest bears had limbs attached using metal joints visible from the outside. Strunz teddy bears were made of good quality long and short white, blonde or brown mohair plush, in a variety of sizes ranging from 20cm up to 120cm - a number of Strunz bears were dressed e.g. as a policeman, a soldier, a boy or girl or in a bathing costume. Strunz bears would have been manufactured for about 10 years only so they are quite rare.

1904/5 Strunz Teddy Bear 1910 Strunz Teddy Bear
1904/5 Strunz bear 1910 Strunz teddy bear



Strunz Teddy Bear Identification

  • In 1904-5 a blank button (similar to Steiff) was placed in the ear
    1904/5 Strunz "blanc" button
    1904/5 Strunz blank button

  • 1905 to late1908 six sided metal buttons, with a white label reading "Strunz Toys", were placed in the ear
  • Late1908 it was agreed a label could be stapled into the ear but it seems unlikely Strunz actually did this
  • Strunz teddy bears bore a very close resemblance to early Steiff teddy bears e.g. shoe button eyes, pronounced muzzle, long arms and legs, hump on the back - the two companies were often in dispute regarding product design
  • Nose stitching often horizontal and forming a triangular shape
  • Foot pads were often inlaid with cardboard



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