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Lucky Bears Limited includes a small number of links to external (non-Lucky Bears Limited) websites. These links are included to provide further relevant information or key source material which we feel our customers may find useful. As Lucky Bears Limited is not responsible for the production of the content of these external websites, we cannot change that content and it can be changed without our knowledge or agreement. The inclusion of a link to an external website should not be taken as an endorsement of that website, the site's owners, their products or services.

link to teddy bear search engine The Teddy Bear Search Engine is dedicated to help you find more teddy bear sites!
Hugglets Hugglets: an online directory for teddy bear lovers worldwide detailing festivals, bear makers/artists, retailers (shops and online), restorers etc.
British Bears On The Net British Bears on the Net is a group of designers, collectors and retailers who share a passion for teddy bears - also a chatroom
Teddy Bear Museums Dolls, dolls houses and, of course, teddy bears. The site includes just a small sample of the bears housed in the museum. A visit to the actual museum, which houses over 2500 old bears, is a must for any arctophile visiting Switzerland (Basel)
Teddy Bear Magazines Teddy Bear Times magazine (now incorporates Teddy Bear Club International), for UK. Articles, Teddy Store, subscription details and more. Teddy Bear & Friends magazine, for USA.
Teddy Bear Manufacturers The famous Steiff site Clemens. In English and German. All products shown are available from Lucky Bears Limited within 6 weeks. Merrythought, established in 1930, is now one of the oldest toy manufacturers in England Deans, Britain's oldest manufacturer
Now let's get real ...........
link the UK branch of WSPA The UK branch of WSPA provides the latest news re the Libearty Campaign and of all our four-legged/winged friends. There are links to worldwide WSPA sites. Learn how you could support their efforts
Antiques/Collectables - general
Hundreds of vintage and collectible toys for sale, FREE For Sale and Wanted classifieds, informative and entertaining e-magazine with regularly updated articles, an appraisal and valuation service, and much more... - Online Antique and Collectibles Shopping Directory Online Antique and Collectibles Shopping Directory, over a half-million vintage antiques and collectible items on-line
NEW ENGLAND ANTIQUING A guide to the Antiquing Experience in New England featuring antiques in their appropriate surroundings in Historic Inns & Taverns, Historic Homes open to the public, B&Bs in antique houses, Historic Villages & Seaports and, of course, Shops and Antique Centers





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